Our Mission.

Grotto Meats is inspired to create the finest hand-crafted charcuterie to reflect and preserve the beauty of Montana.


As one of the only charcuteries in Montana, we turn the highest quality local meat into Old World style dry cured sausages and whole muscle charcuterie. Creating delicious new takes on classic flavors with local ingredients and a chef’s ingenuity, Grotto Meats preserves the best of Montana in every bite. Our “grotto” is tucked in the basement of the historic Bon-Ton Flour Mill building behind our food truck in Bozeman, MT, and houses a custom climate controlled curing chamber. Partnering with local distributors to procure the finest local meat, we take great care in sourcing sustainable, pastured pork, and each batch is hand-crafted with love and expertise by a small staff.

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Founder, Chef, Charcutier...

Nic Bryce is many things to this business. He has enjoyed a long and exciting career as a chef, problem solver, and lover of food.  He has always been grateful to cook in places where great ingredients are found. As he leads, Chef Nic manages his staff in a way that encourages them to be the best they can be. As a business owner, Chef Nic strives to make his neighborhood, town, and region a better place to live. He prides himself in serving sustainable foods that make sense. Nic is the also the owner and executive chef of  Rendezvous Catering™, the builder of the Rendezvous foodtruck (Patty), a supreme pitmaster, and good neighbor. He enjoys living life with his wife and raising 5 children together in beautiful Bozeman, MT.


About Grotto Meats


Sustainable Sourcing

All of our pork is sustainably sourced in Montana. We believe in supporting local agriculture, and we see our sourcing as another opportunity to build and support the community we are a part of. Good ingredients make outstanding flavors!


 Chef Driven

Chef Nic is involved at every level of Grotto Meats. From designing recipes to ensuring the highest quality ingredients, he brings a chef's palate to charcuterie making and a chef's creativity to the finest details.


Preserving the Best of MT 

We love Montana, and we want to share that love with you. With our preserved meats, you can enjoy a little piece of Montana wherever you may be. And since our meats are preserved in the ancient Old World style, they will continue to be delicious for years to come.