char • cu• te • rie

Charcuterie, refers to meat (usually pork) that has been preserved using the ancient method of dry-curing. This includes whole muscle charcuterie, like capicola or prosciutto, which is a larger cut that has been salted and hung to dry-cure, or a cured sausage, such as salami, that has been mixed with curing salts, herbs, and spices, and introduced to specific, edible molds to create distinct flavors. Since meat that has been processed this way is good for many years, it was a common way to preserve meat in a time before refrigeration. Like many food traditions, this art was born out of necessity.

All of our dry-cured meats are hung in our special climate-controlled curing chamber (our "Grotto") that helps the meat to dry in order to inhibit the growth of bacteria. This mimics the environment of the ancient caves where the art and science of curing was born.

What Makes Our Charcuterie Special?

Our handcrafted meats are made with Montana hogs that have been pastured and processed locally. We cut, season, and cure everything right in our shop in Bozeman's Northeast Neighborhood. Our meats are true Montana Charcuterie.

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